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Paraben Free Skin-Care

We all want to look great and dazzling, that stunning skin that could cause a traffic jam. Admittedly the quest is a universal epidemic that we are all stuck in – even our nans hold their anti-aging skin serums sacredly and wouldn’t mind some compliments on their skins however flattery. It would amaze you to learn about the billions being poured into skin care globally even amidst agonizing wails of recession. But who is to blame?


Definitely no one! The Jet Age we live in today is a very fast age where impatience is a virtue and we barely have seconds to make an impression; Therefore, if you don’t look good enough, you are quickly thrown back into the waiting queues. Understandably, great looks would give you that quick “elevator ride” in terms of undeserved favours while others are painstakingly climbing the staircase.


This is why the craze for paraben free skin care products is ferocious. Many of us have a mountain of beauty products piled up in our closets. Unfortunately, every Tom and Dick seem to be in the beauty and skin care industry manufacturing skin care products. Such worrisome proliferation has admittedly led to a paucity of quality with ineffective dangerous skin care products been massively churned out in an uncontrolled frenzy. Some of these so-called beauty products are miserly superficial, embarrassingly lacking quality and efficacy. In other cases, these products contain a sea of dangerous chemicals that could significantly harm you.


Talking about this dangerous category that could harm your skin and your health in general, we manufacture paraben FREE skin care products. Our skin care ranges are all pure and they help to reduce health issues in the long run.


But what is this “paraben” we are so skeptical about in the first place?

Fundamentally, parabens refer to a class of synthetic ingredients, manmade so to say, and commonly integrated into skin care products. From the chemical perspective, parabens are esters; That is, they come from the matrimony of alcohol and acid. Now many beauty products are enchanted with paraben because of its admirable preservative capacity. Being harnessed from blackberries and in other cases raspberries, parabens have a tremendous capacity to keep a formula clean and durable ridding it of bacteria and other microorganisms.


For this reason, the cosmetics industry, as well as, pharmaceuticals, seem to have fallen head over heels in love with paraben for its ability to increase the shelf life of their products courtesy of its synthetic preservative prowess as seen in their antibacterial and antifungal capacities. While this may sound interesting at first shot, paraben is not that darling it readily appears to be. Behind its glittering veil of a wonder preservative, are a horde of health malaise paraben could thrust you into.


Starting off, recent scientific findings have revealed that parabens tend to mimic estrogen in your body. This establishes the possibility of interacting with your body in a distortive way to disrupt your hormonal balance. Basically, the body doesn’t boast sufficient capacity to break down the synthetic estrogen voluptuously contained in paraben, and therefore, your body accumulates it all, which may lead to health issues; Furthermore, this artificially triggers cell division in the body acting as unnatural fertilizer for growth. In the end, this significantly exposes you to the growing cancerous cells.


Aside from cancer, paraben comes with a cohort of health issues all the way from testicular and breast cancer, through to reduced sperm counts. This explains why you should rightly keep a safe distance from paraben based skin care products.


The good news is, you don’t have to pay your health to look great. Here at ZahMal, it is all about matching stunning looks with a stunning health. Our skin care products befitting all skin types are sufficiently nourished with organic and natural products- giving your skin that motherly and affectionate sooth while bringing out its dazzling sparkle.


Our cosmetic products are extensively free of parabens like isobutylparaben, butylparaben, isopropylparaben, ethylparaben. This is because we care too much for you to risk your health, hence, we addictively focus on naturals and plant-based products sure to give you that skin to drool for, yet keeping you energetically healthy. We exert considerable technological expertise and cosmetic innovation in ridding our products of sulphates, fragrances, artificial colours. We are adequately stocked with powerful and vital antioxidants, your skin can’t get a better treat.


So, do you want to look great and be healthy at the same time? ZahMal says yes for you – and an affordable “yes” at that!



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