These packages are a combination of: body massage, Facials, Waxing, eye care, Tailored to your needs, they are guaranteed to leave you feeling grounded, rejuvenated:

Vacation Lux Packages

Using a combination of Swedish massage techniques (relaxes the mind and body leaving you refreshed and at peace. It uses our specially blended coconut and citrus Oil, which is designed to ease tension while alleviating aches and pains.) +  Full Leg or underarm waxing leaving you smooth, refreshed and ready for your travel (90 Mins | £75)


Vacation Lux Pro Packages

This Package is an upgrade of Vacation Lux. Offering the same Swedish massage techniques and Full Leg or underarm waxing but with an upgrade of a Sweet Calmer facial (A gentle facial treatment designed specifically for sensitive skin. It cleanses the skin of its impurities without leaving any redness or irritation, It soothes inflammation, hydrate and reduce redness) and eyelash and brow tint (2hr:15Mins | £110)


Groom Da Heir

We reserved a great package for our gentlemen;1 hour deep tissue massage designed to reach areas that feel sore and tired mixed with 30 minutes intensive facial (which treats congestion; It is a soothing and cleansing treatment which helps to rebalance your levels, clear impurities and hydrate the skin). It is perfect for after a hard week of work, a heavy weekend, or just to relax and unwind, leaving you rejuvenated and back (90 Mins | £85)


Heiress Face

This package is designed to help treat all skin types; It is a soothing and cleansing treatment which helps to clear impurities and hydrate the skin. During this treatment your therapist will tint and maintain your brows and tint your lashes. With a finishing shoulder, neck and face massage technique to help firm and tone the skin and relax your mind. (75 Mins | £74)