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Corporate Event Treatments

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Helping you “Spoil the Office” is because we strongly believe in the famous quote: “Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.” Anne M. Mulcahy


The variety of benefits our corporate sessions brings to the table that are in the best interest of your company, is categorised in two parts, they are:


  • Chair Massage
  1. When employees feel stressed and tense, a massage from one of our amazingly skilled therapists will help to contribute to your team’s good health and over all focus while on the job. Thus, boosting team morale and loyalty and in turn improving productivity in your business.
  2. Benefits of having our therapists provide your staff with therapeutic massages in office:
  3. Decrease staff absence
  4. Relieves muscle tension from occupational posture
  5. Boosts immune system. Massage spreads bug-fighting white blood cells, helping the body to protect itself from illness and disease
  6. Boost brain power. A stimulating afternoon Indian head massage will help increase alertness
  7. Helps control anxiety and lowers blood pressure
  8. Helps decrease migraines and tension headaches. Our therapists work on specific neck and shoulder muscles to release tension caused by poor desk-based posture.


  • Salon 3

Makeup, Mani & Pedi could help boost your staff’s self confidence to shine at that big meeting or that press conference which will in turn leave a positive feedback on your company from a confident and well delivering presenter.


We provide trained therapists to give onsite treatments to your staff, conference delegates and even clients.  Our compact tools and equipment take minimal space but deliver maximum results.


How it works

  1. You call to book with us or you can book online our website
  2. We show up to your office or corporate event on-time
  3. Pop our small but effective equipment up (whether massage chair or a manicure table or both) in the instructed area.
  4. Do a small consultation with all who will be doing treatments.
  5. Glam up your staff and help take the stress off their shoulders.


Example of a package we can offer: 1 therapist 1 hour 4 Spray Tans – £80.00

If you are interested in a corporate treatment session, then please email or call us to build your company a day of treatments.


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